A key to Paradise – Haramayn Hotels


We all know that paradise is promised to believers in return of good deeds. Allah has promised so there is no chance that he will not fulfill it. But we also have to perform accordingly in order get the key to paradise. Your good deeds are like advance booking of it. Procedure is like Hotels Booking in Madina, where you find the desired hotel and book it by paying for it. In the world you find the opportunities of pleasing Allah and serving his creation and these acts are your advance booking to the paradise.  There are ways to reserve your booking in paradise:

  • Faith in Allah: Trust him for what he has given you and ask for your wishes to come true. Keep your faith on Allah that he never disappoints his nation.
  • Constant repentance: Repent on your sins, Prophet (PBUH) was the most righteous person in the world but still he used to repent on his sins.
  • Forgive others: Do not keep any grudges in your heart forgive as our Prophet (PBUH) used to do it. ¬†
  • Be Grateful: Always be thankful to Allah. Thank your parents, your family for being with you and be grateful for their efforts they have done for you.
  • Be Patient: Life will through countless hardships and challenges, you just have to smile and remain patient.
  • Try to get close to the people: A person who lives among people could possibly get more chances to help someone who needs it. Maybe you can give someone a sincere advice. These deeds are counted in good ones and people will remember you even afterlife.

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